> YEESH i havent updated in a while. Things have just been stressful.
> First of all, works been fine. Im slowly getting the hang of things. My coworkers are nice for the most part and have been cheering me on! But jesus christ im too introverted for this. Ive mastered my customer service voice though.
> Second of all, my statistics class started. I have my first exam on Saturday and im SCARED. The homeworks been a lot aswell, and ive written 16 full pages of work within a single week. SIXTEEN. COLLEGE RULED LINED PAPER. TOP TO BOTTOM.
> Lastly... ive gotten into League of Legends. Never though itd come to this, but Heartsteel got my ass. Im obsessed with Kayn im a kaynpilled leaguecel im literally going gankmode. So far ive mastered Ashe as well, and while i practice Kayn im planning on practicing Pyke and Yone next. It really helps that I have previous experience playing Wild Rift, which I only got into because of Arcane.
> Anyways, ive revamped the entire home page! In all honesty, I completed this revamp in Brackets about 2 weeks ago, but havent found the time to implement it into neocities until today. Yayayay!
> Currently thinking about: Kayn Kayn Kayn Rhaast Rhaast Rhaast "Will you prove worthy?" "Probably not." KAYNNNN I read Odessey lore the other night as well and OHHH MYYY GODDD KAYNNNN

> I SURVIVED MY FIRST DAY. Kinda. It wasnt much of a first day.
> I spent most of my shift on a laptop doing modules, which was helpful! But I get my full training experience on Monday. They did let me serve a couple customers though.
> Im so grateful that the few people who came in during my training were nice.
> I was serving a customer and as they were telling me what they wanted for some odd reason I said thank you. THANK YOU. THANK YOU???? WHY AM I THANKING THEM? WTF.
> Anyways, im sleepy. Im tired. I feel like a victim of capitalism. I AM a victim of capitalism. I actually have to work for the rest of my life now. Until I get my BSN at least and start travel nursing... But for the next 4 years or so im working for the knife.
> In other news, I totally revamped my homepage in Brackets and am now working on my about page. Ill upload everything once im done :)
> Currently thinking about: Sleep. I took 10mg of melatonin the night before and its STILL hitting me.

> BIRTHHHHDAYYYYYYY :3 im a legal adult! minors dni in bio! FINALLY!
> Jk lmao. But today was pretty uneventful. I got two cakes though! Mostly because my family dislikes cheesecake while its my favorite, but that means I get the whole cake to myself!
> I also went in for my first job. I was right, and reddit lied to me. Today was all paperwork. Though I am a little weary on the tax forms my general manager filled out for me... I have a crawling suspicion that I may owe the IRS $100k within the next few years.
> She was incredibly nice though, and I found out that a lot of my coworkers are my former high school classmates! I dont know if thats a good thing though. Either way, Im getting my fucking money lmao.
> But Im incredibly tired. I spent half the day filled with anxiety over my first job appearance and the other half filled with anxiety over my new job requirements. Non slip shoes... black socks... a stanley cup. Or rather a bootleg stanley cup. Theyre hella expensive and they leak.
> Currently thinking about: Stocks. My dad wants me to start investing asap. Is it not just glorified gambling though? Do I have to?

> GAHHHH DAMN I havent updated in a while ohhhh my god. And truth be told I havent even worked on my about page (but I definitely will now)! Things have been hectic... with a mixture of procrastination
> First of all, I got the job! So yay! Money! But boo.. working. Even though its 3 days away I feel my nerves building up when it comes to meeting the general manager, staff, etc.... pray for me.
> On top of that, school just went from 0 to 100. Assignments are starting to pile up and I start my accelerated stats class next week. I sometimes wished I opted for algebra instead but after doing some deep diving, this stats class is actually a required prerequisite. So theres no escaping it.
> Apart from me FINALLY getting a job after my 3 month long search, ive also been working on art! I told myself id open an art twitter account on my 18th birthday, but honestly im just not confident enough. Lately ive been honing my skills in an attempt to gain confidence, and I think im getting better! I cant wait to finally start on my gallery page and share ^__^
> Currently thinking about: Moistcritikal and minecraft letsplays taking over my youtube recommended.... Used them as background noise and now my whole algorithm's scuffed.

> I went to Universal on Monday and I think butterbeer might be the single most divine substance on this earth. JK Rowling ate this one thing and nothing else. Anyways, my fave ride was the Transformers one. I tried out the Mario Kart ride and it was alright, though very much meant for kids. You put on these visors and it was kinda a struggle paying attention to the augmented reality portion. I dont know how to explain it, it was hard to focus? The visor size was small so the AR portion was small and so you had to focus your eyes on a very small space in front of you. Yeah. I won with a score of 116 coins though. And the inside of bowsers castle was absolutely insane, I loved the attention to detail and the ride instruction video with the Miis. The lemon squash drink was real good too, and their fries are the best ive ever had.
> Anyways, yesterday I got a phone call from an establishment I applied to and though they rejected me after my first interview, they called back asking if I was still interested! So I have an interview today! Yipee! Im gonna need a job asap, since I start my stats class this month and this pearson mylab price is fucking me up... $100 for a homework/testing program is insane. I genuinely through itd be more akin to my alegra class over quarantine, in which our teacher either made videos or linked us to Khan academy and gave us printouts to take pictures of and turn in. But no. This college course is FULLY online, it kinda sucks.
> Anyways, I finished my very first piece of scaramouche art lol, and I hope to make my new twitter account soon as well as a gallery page to post it. But all of a sudden ive felt a decrease in motivation. Maybe I just need a break from focusing all my attention on that one piece lol.
> Im still working on my about me page but ive been having trouble finding proper images and graphics. I have very specific tastes so its probably gonna take a while. Ive also been brainstorming header options for my main page to fill out that blank space at the top. And have been thinking of adding an extra "enter" type page that lets you into the main site. Lets hope I stay motivated enough to see that all through!
> Currently thinking about: My very bad cramps ooooh ouch yeow owowowow ouw.

> My very first entry! Yay! Ive only gotten into HTML/CSS about 3 days ago on 2023/09/28 after finding out the absurd price of carrd pro and being unhappy with my design. As said on the homepage, I drew inspiration from various sites across neocities, so thank you all! I heavily encourage any other new coder to do the same ^__^
> That being said, ive been hit with a semitruck of motivation to create other webpages connected to my homepage, with a focus on my about me section. Unfortunately that may take a while as I prioritize both art and school.
> I also need a job. Like fast. Ive been applying to places these past two months with no luck. Fuck me like genuinely.
> Anyways, apart from the feeling of impending doom occupying my heart regarding employment, I have much to look forward to this month! My birthday is soon and im going to an amusement park tomorrow! What fun! Anyways, hopefully ill be able to update this site semi regularly. Im currently veryyyyyy fixated on HTML so i probably will.
> Currently thinking about: The broken ceramic pot I made for my plant.

> (TEST POST) Set up this page in advance, planning on making entries semi regularly.

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