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Lucas - 18 - She/Her
Hihihi! You can call me Lucas, or Luke, or Luka... idgaf. This is my first ever attempt at coding, with only a tinge of previous experience in Rcode which I had to learn for a high school data science class.
Anywho, im a part time villain defender and full time failing adult. The epitome of cringefail women everywhere. If you lock yourself in a pitch black bathroom, lock the door, and say "loser" thrice I shall appear and maybe... just MAYBE potentially begin crying. Either that or infodump on my faves (as seen below). Depends on my mood for the day. A media obsessed nursing major working a part time job with chronic neck and back pains.
This entire site is a massive work in progress, and on top of that: a hobby, so be prepared for infrequent updates. But do enjoy your time here!
favourite video games: final fantasy, zelda, animal crossing, omori, fear and hunger, genshit midpact
favourite animanga: monster, houseki no kuni, chainsaw man, bungou stray dogs, trigun, cyberpunk edgerunners
favourite movies: helter skelter, your name engraved herein, barbie
favourite music: alt pop, midwest emo, kpop, whatever the fuck lana fits into
other favourites: console modding, art, lana del rey, nct, hot chocolate


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